POS Software for Cafeteria’s and Salad Bars is a flexible scaleable POS software platform that can be added into any Gta POS Software platform or act as a standalone fast and seamless management software servicinf many small to large corporate facilities seeking to internally track and manage these services to employees or to the public. Gta POS has been providing POS software solutions for businesses on three cotenants. Let our affordable, customizable, robust, scalable and stable.

POS software for Cafeteria’s and Salad Bars will assist your business to:

Track and manage all employees purchases
Track and manage all customer/pubic purchases
Sell any items by weight with seamless scale integration at the POS which is common for many Cafeteria or Salad Bar services
Utalize the realtime reporting functions ro manage and track inventory and sales
Choose from 1,000’s of reports that come standard with every system
A complete Accounts Receivable package comes standard with every InfoTouch POS Software System
Incorporate these into any other business to add traffic, sales, revenues and profits to your business
Flexible and scaleable all POS software can work from 1 terminal to 60 terminals a location.
Mobile Tablets can replce Stand alone terminals for fast multiple check out options or to gather customer information and build you customer data base
All information for sales, customers and employee tracking and a full accounts recievable back office are accessable from any terminal or tablet.
Reducing your costs elevating your branding and marketing along with increasing both cash flow and profitability are the cornerstore when moving any business to an InfoTouch State-of-the-art POS system.