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Are you interested in becoming a POS Reseller?

Gta POS is always interested in forging new mutually beneficial business partnerships nationally and internationally, alliances and relationships with skilled POS resellers, Integrators and Professional Independent Sales Organizations who are seeking robust, scalable, flexible, customizable state-of-the-art POS Software solutions for retail, hospitality, and service industries.

Gta POS has been committed to selling our intuitive; touch screen POS software through the reseller channel since 2010.Gta POS Will work with their reseller closely to make their sales successful.

Gta POS Reseller Program is, like the software, easy and affordable. We have provided resellers an easy way to profit and lean our software!

You will be able to select any of theGta POS vertical markets to sell.

Integration partners are expected to service theirGta POS accounts. Technical support is available fromGta POS to the reseller 24/7 based on a small annual investment. Sales Agents or Referral partners pay no fees toGta POS, but can earn commission s and residual incomes.

POS Canada Business Partner Program

For those resellers, Independent Service Organizations, IT Managers, Integrators who wish to make an investment to earn greater rewards, theGta POS Business Partner Program is for you. To join theGta POS Business Partner Program, you will be required to go to referral aggreement and successfully complete a rigorous set of online training classes. In return, you will be able to:

• SellGta POS to any vertical market
• Get unlimited free 2nd level support 24/7 for the first year
• Tailor and Customize the scalable software to fit the needs of your customers
• Sell to retailers who wish to use processors other thanGta POS Preferred Merchant Service providers.
• Receive free Reseller software and a live in house copy for your business
• Receive sample brochures and marketing material which you can brand as your own.

To request more information about, theGta POS Reseller Partner Program please Email